Our commitment to you

To provide you with a system that best suite the needs of your particular jobs

To give you the peace of mind that your employee’s safety is of primary concern

To investigate ways to improve work place safety and

To never compromise on safety.

All our products are tested and comply with Australian Standard 4994.1 and 4994.2. Our rail and posts are made from aluminium alloy 6061-T6 tube.

Our products are unique in the roof safety industry. Our Posts and Rail are exclusively made from structural aluminium 6061 T6 (tempered structural alloy).

This is what we call “The Aluminum Difference”.

The 6061 T6 Aluminum material is super lightweight and strong. This means easier handling, fewer OH&S issues and simpler delivery that doesn’t need a 3 tonne tray truck.

A lighter safety rail also means it can be deployed in a greater variety of environments. And it can be set up quickly; you won’t have workers waiting half a day for old cumbersome steel products to be painstakingly lifted and bolted into place

Our safety rail product range is designed with several unique advantages.
  • Only our products have The Aluminium Advantage, Lightweight, Strong, Durable
  • Australian Safety Rail components are interchangeable. All rails and posts are uniform in dimensions and can be swapped between systems.
  • Our “join free” safety rail requires no brackets. Hence there are no weak points and they are quicker to erect and take down.
  • We offer versatile solutions; Hire for Australian Safety Rail or purchase from Roof Fastening Systems.
  • Custom designed and custom built solutions are available to suit the most complex altitude workplace.
  • Our Safety Rail products exceed the requirements as set out in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4994.1-2009.
  • We provide you with the necessary documentation (Test Certificates, Installation Guides, SWMS) with every purchase of our products


Australian Safety Rails are available for purchase as complete packages or individual components.

Our systems are modular and interchangeable within our range – you won’t be snookered with incompatible safety rail technology.


Safety Rail Hire is ideal for occasional or project based elevated work. Our team will help you select the safety rail system that’s ideally suited to your job. We’ll even deliver and install, then come and take the equipment away when you’re ready.

Most hire needs can be fulfilled the next business day.

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